How Do I Know The Right Solar System For Me?

How Do I Know The Right Solar System For Me?

For whatever reason you are getting a solar power inverter system, getting a solar inverter system is capital intensive all around the world. It is fair to do a thorough background check. And also, it is good to know the best solar inverter system for your needs.
To make this article  really understandable and easy to comprehend, this article will be written in a question and answer format considering the most popular questions we have received from clients concerning inverter systems.

I have about 10 hours plus of stable PHCN light, but I want 24 hours of lighting time. What is the best solar inverter solution for me?
Since you have 10 hours plus of PHCN power supply you really do not need more power to be generated. All you need is a backup system to store up power when there is power from the PHCN and then supply your home or office with power when the power from the PHCN is not available. For this, you only need an inverter and a battery bank.
You need an inverter to convert AC (Alternate current i.e. current from the grid) to DC (direct current i.e. current from solar ) and then store it in the battery bank. The battery bank can then supply your home or office with power when there is no power supply from the grid or PHCN.  

In the area where I live, I do not have up to 2 hours of electricity in a day. But I want 24 hours of lighting time. (I think solar can offer me more hours of electricity).
Yes, getting a solar inverter system can give you as much as a 24/7 power supply. All you need are solar panels, an inverter, and an efficient battery bank.
The solar panel is essential for power generation as it helps trap and convert sunlight energy into electricity. Various inverters and solar charge controllers have the specified amount of solar panels to use with them. Your engineer should be able to determine this. And it will be stated in the quotation given to you.
Its important to note the larger the number of panels, the more power that will be generated. Also, the larger your battery bank compared to your load, the more hours it takes to drain out.

To run my ACs on my inverter, what do I need to consider?
Firstly, you need to understand that ACs and appliances like your industrial fans  are high power consuming appliances. This means that  you will require an inverter with a large capacity to power them. 

The problem however lies in the battery bank that tends to drain faster when appliances like AC, pressing iron, Ox fans are being run on them. As a result, you don’t get to enjoy your solar system as you should because your back up time will be drastically reduced.

For you to enjoy your battery bank for longer hours, you have to increase the size of the battery bank to accommodate your ACs. Which will increases the cost of acquisition.

Make sure to speak extensively to your engineer before going ahead with the installation of a solar system. Get the top inverter brands on

For further clarification and information, kindly reach out to our sales representative on 09167379793. Be rest assured to get the best from Sure Solar.


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