The Rilso Power MPK Series of solar charge controllers adopts the latest innovation of MPPT solar charge controllers. This series of solar charge controllers utilize both fan cooling and heat sink cooling system. Hence, it is rugged and performs well in various environments.

When in need of a high-performance and effective maximum power point tracking solar charge controller (MPPT), Rilso Power MPK series is one solar charge controller to consider.

The MPK series of solar charge controllers can continuously track solar panels’ maximum amount of power to charge the battery. MPK series can work with lead acid and lithium batteries. MPK series is available in 40A, 60A, 80A, and 100A.

18~150vdc 35~150vdc 60~150vdc max. pv input power 12v 520w 24v 1040w 48v 2080w40A MPPT SOLAR 

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