On every first of October, we all celebrate our INDEPENDENCE as a great nation, we celebrate that great day when we finally became free from the British colonial masters, that day when the joyful cry of our forefathers filled the air, this time, not the cry of slavery nor pain, but the cry of joy, the cry of freedom and independence.

Now, as a people, as a nation, and as individuals, we need another freedom, no longer from colonial masters, but freedom from crazy and scary power bills, freedom from regular generator noises and frequent payment for generator repairs and servicing. We need the freedom from daily causing harm to mother earth through our carbon footprint, that freedom to protect not ourselves this time, but mother nature, that freedom to shine as true worlds and most importantly, mother earths heroes.

This freedom depends solely on you and I, it depends on how fast we are willing to save mother nature, it depends on how eager we are to help our business stand and sustain it self, it depends on how fast and easy we want to make profit and reduce cost of power bills for our businesses and homes. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU.

As a team, we value your energy independence as well as your businesses success and growth, and would love you to own and take full charge your energy and power starting from the 1st to 15th of October 2022.

With value for your comfort and peace of mind and keen interest in you and mother natures wellbeing, we offer you a 5% discount on all our packages enabling you make a quick switch from power dependent to solar dependent, allowing nature pay your energy bills.

This offer lasts till 15th of October 2022. With the zeal to empower yourself to take charge of your life and business, use the code 1960 to grab your solar power package NOW. visit to select the best package for home and business.


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