Our Vision

To develop and deploy innovative solutions helping helping individuals, organizations and nations to harness renewable energy especially the sun and wind energy, to power their Homes, Communities, States and Businesses, and save money and the earth.

SURE SOLAR is a member of Colossus TechNovation Group.  

Sure Solar was established to solve electricity problems in Nigeria and in Sub-Sahara African and globally harnessing Solar Energy.  

SURE SOLAR NG is committed in designing, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance of emerging advanced technology in Renewable Energy such as;

– Hybrid and High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverters

– Solar PV Panels

– Deep Cycle, Lithium (LiFePo4), NANO Carbon and Hydrogen Cell Batteries

– Solar Streetlights with or Without CCTV

– EV Chargers and Charge controllers

Solar Appliances: Solar Water Pumps, Solar Aircon, SolarGen etc

SURE SOLAR offers Complete Solar Energy Solutions ranging from 1 KVA for Residential Homes to 10, 000 Megawatts for large utility scale State, Estates, Commercial, Community and Industrial Power plants all across the globe.

Our Mission and Projection

Energy poverty is a stark problem in sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of the global population without access to electricity rose to 77% from 74% before the pandemic. My believe is electricity and its related services are a basic human right


Currently 633 million people are estimated to lack access to electricity, and 792 million people are forced to cook with traditional biomass on unimproved cookstoves, Most Africans lack access to sustainable modern energy services and products. I want to ask our African leaders, what can we do to ensure stable energy, clean energy and stable power supply in Nigeria, so we no longer rely on Generators that pollute the Air.


In Nigeria, Tomorrow’s Grids have to be Digital


By putting intelligence into power transmission, digitalization offers huge opportunities to optimize today’s energy system and make it more compact, efficient, smarter, faster – and profitable


Today, grid planning doesn’t happen without factoring in digitalization, 5G networks, IoT-technology, the ever-increasing number of sensors, cloud and edge computing, advanced analytics, intelligent cybersecurity – all of this gives us tools to build the grids of the future, including new business models. 


I also believe blockchain is a key tool to speed up the process of decarbonizing the economy, as it makes transactions traceable, secure and quick. This technology will make the supply of green energy more efficient, flexible and transparent, and incentivize the production and consumption of 100 % renewable energy

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