• 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Smksolar SCF-60A)



    Model SCF-50A SCF-60A
    Solar System Voltage 12V/24V/48V Auto work
    PV Operating Voltage 18?150Vdc@12V 35?150Vdc@24V   60?150Vdc@48V
    Max. PV input power 12V 700W 12V  900W
    24V 1400W 24V 1800W
    48V 2900W 48V 3400W
    Rated input current 50A 60A
    Self consumption 3W
    Max.Conversion Efficiency 97.6%
    Protection PV array short circuit, over charging,battery reverse polarity,output short circuit
    Battery charging
    Battery Type Sealed  Gel AGM  Flooded
    Charge algorithm 3 stage: Bulk, Absorption, Float
    Bulk charge voltage Sealed: 14.4V AGM 14.2V  Gel:14.2V Flooded:14.6V User defined:10-15V
    Float charge voltage Sealed/Gel/AGM:13.8V  Flooded:13.7V User defined:10-15V
    Equalize charge voltage Sealed 14.6V  AGM:14.8V Flooded:14.9V
    Low voltage reconnect voltage 12.5V
    Temperature compensation 5mV/?/2V with BTS
    Communication Port RS485(Standard) Ethernet RS232 Optional with On line monitoring system
    Net weight 3kg
    Gross weight 4kg
    Dimension 280*180*89MM
    Cooling Fan cooling
    Enclosure IP20
    Ambient operating temperature -25??60?
    Storage Temperature -40??80?
    Humidity 100% non-condensing
    Warranty One  years


    ?Technical data for 12V system at 25?, twice in 24V system rate and quaduple in 48V system rate


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