This Holiday Season Don't let NEPA or Generator Wahala Plus Fuel Scarcity Spoil your Fun or the Food in your Freezer!

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Sure Solar Turbo Power Combo Package is the combination and configuration of the finest Solar Equipment (High Frequency Inverters and Controllers, Lithium Lifepo4 or Wet cell batteries, Canadian Mono Solar Panels and Accessories configured and installed by professionals with 8 Year Warranty.

Sure Solar Turbo Power Combo packages range from 1 KVA – 50 KVA for RESIDENTIAL HOME Use, and From 60 KVA – 1 Megawatts for COMMERCIAL use.


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TURBO 070 : 15 KVA 120V Complete Solar = Powers (4 Units of 1.5 HP Inverter Air-Con, 2 Deep Freezers, 3 TV, 8 DC Fans, 30 Energy Saver Lights, 10 Computers etc) Price – N5 Million only

For 20 KVA and above please call.

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*Solar Freezer, Solar Water Pump, Solar Street Light, Solar CCTV available at Discount Price

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With Sure Solar Turbo Power Combo there is *No Bill *No Fuel *No Noise *No Fumes *No Stress *No Servicing

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Turbo 0.1 : 60 WATTS SOLAR GEN = Free Stand Fan = Powers (1 TV, 1 DC Fan, 4 Energy Bulbs, 4 Phone Charging Ports ) Price – N160, 000 Only

TURBO 010 : 1 KVA 12V Complete Solar = Powers (1 TV, 1 DC Fans, 5 Energy Saver Lights, 1 Computer) Price – N400, 000 only

TURBO 020 : 1.5 KVA 12V Complete Solar = Powers (1 TVs, 1 DC Fan, 7 Energy Saver Lights, 2 Computers) Price – N500, 000 only

TURBO 030 : 2.5 KVA 48V Complete Solar = Powers (1 Fridge, 2 TV, 3 DC Fans, 9 Energy Saver Lights, 3 Computers) Price – N1 Million only

- Free Assessment & Consultation

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– 5% Off

– Free Assessment & Consultation

– Free Installation

– Free Delivery

– Flexible Payment Plan (Install Today and Spread Payment up to 6 Monhs

– Free Solar CCTV Camera

– Payment on Delivery (PoD)

– 8-Year Warranty

– Free Energy Management Tutorial Video

– Free 1 Year Support and Maintenance

This offer is valid from November 25th – December 31st 2022.

To Claim this Offer, please Call or WhatsApp: Engr. Josephat 0813-400-2737 or Abigail: 0916-737-9793

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Sure Solar
(A member of Colossus TechNovation Group)
Tonik Complex, Plot 16, Lateef Jakande Road,
Opp Tano Kitchen, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos
Tel/WhatsApp: 0916-737-9793, 0813-400-2737
Our Branches: Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Onitsha, Kano, Asaba,

… too can be sure of power 247

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5% Off, Flexible Payment Plan, 8 Year Warranty, Pay On Delivery

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